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Paint Booth/Priming

So I have gone back and forth on the alodine/bonderite process for my parts and or priming since wanting to build an aircraft. I actually purchased everything needed to do alodine on at least the smaller parts. I don’t have the space to build huge vats to do the skins so I’m just going to prime the skins with AKZO two part epoxy primer (much recommended by the Vans Air Force forum for the interior). I live in Florida and have spent my life watching things corrode and want to be overly protective of my aircraft. I know this adds some hours and weight to my build but I’m good with that. As I continue to wait on my kit to arrive, I went ahead and setup the paint booth. At my wife’s excellent idea, I purchased a cheap ($50) greenhouse on Amazon. Since it’s a metal frame built like an erector set, I can pick it up easily and set it up outside if I want to get it out of the way or to do outdoor painting if the weather is nice. I’ve got a box fan to exhaust the fumes and I will be wearing a Hobby Air system I found used on EBay for cheap ($100) that someone previously used to prime his plane. It uses forced air from a remote mounted compressor instead of filters. We’ll see how it works out.

Small Greenhouse from Amazon repurposed as a small parts priming spray booth. I’ll be cutting a hole for my fan in the back wall for ventilation.
Interior of the Greenhouse/Spray Booth with nice racks for small parts.
This a new and much cleaner version of the Hobby Air system I purchased used on EBay.
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Kit Shipping Update/Progress Report

So the latest is that my kit is on the NYK Romulus which is currently sitting off the coast of Mexico waiting on a date of January 30th to pull into the Long Beach docks. I have no idea how long it will take to get to me once it’s offloaded, but I imagine early March may not be out of the questions. I ordered my kit March 22nd so we are close to a year now. In the meantime I ordered the engine/prop and firewall forward kits since they may take 8-10 months or more to get here. With all the worldwide issues I’d rather be ahead of the curve. I’ve also had some changes made to my paint design to keep me busy.

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March 16th, 2022

Started the inventory of the seven crates I’ve received so far. The fuselage kit contains an enormous number of parts but we got through it. We finished a complete inventory and I moved all but the wings and empennage kits to my hangar to get them out of the way.

March 15th, 2022.

So I picked up the first five crates today and will get the last two of this shipment in the morning. Time to start inventory and building.

First three crates loaded, two to go.
The spares are a little long, but I got them safely loaded.
First five crates safely in the garage. We inventoried the first crate with the carpet and upholstery.

March 13, 2022

Spent the weekend building the Vans Aircraft Practice kits (tool box and control surface). I set up my alodine tanks and alodine everything and then sprayed them with Akzo two part epoxy primer. Good learning experience.

Finished practice kits
Paint Booth aka greenhouse.

March 6, 2022

So my kit should arrive at my house in the next week or so according to the freight company tracking. I finished opening up my garage/workshop to make room for the crates. I also finally built the parts board after having the pegboard sit in the garage for six months.

Completed parts board. It’s a bit of a mess since I used spare wood I had for everything except the pegboard itself and one 2X4.

February 27, 2022

Several of my kits made it to TAF and were ready to ship to me and then they found out my upholstery was supposed to arrive any day. Hopefully it arrived Friday and they can get everything headed my way next week. Someone was at TAF and took a picture that had at least one crate with my name on it. Very Exciting!

TAF Hangar full of kits. I can see at least one with my name on it. Hurry on to Florida!!

February 21, 2022

My kit is now at the Airplane Factory in Torrance and will hopefully be shipped to me early this week. Pretty exciting to finally get here. We are now a little over 11 months since I ordered the kit.

January 19th, 2022

My kit is still on the NYK Romulus which is now awaiting to enter the Long Beach port on January 30th. I ordered my engine, prop and firewall forward kit since it could easily take a year to get it to me. I’m going to wait a bit on avionics ordering since they have a six month lead time, but I will be receiving my wing and tail wiring harness in the coming week. I also made a color change to my paint scheme.

December 31, 2021

Update: My kit missed the original ship in England maybe, and may now be on the NYK Romulus. The Romulus is currently docked in Panama as it transited the Panama Canal yesterday. This ship will hopefully be docked in Long Beach on January 13th. I imagine I still have at least another month before I see my kit, but we’ll see what happens.

I ordered my Sling TSI Kit in March 2021 with an anticipated delivery date of October 2021 , November 2021, December 2021 now hopefully January 2022. My kit is now in Columbia ( I think) where it will board a ship for it’s last leg into Long Beach, California. I’ve been told it may sit at anchor outside Long Beach for weeks before it’s unloaded.

In the meantime, I’m prepping my space. I was going to use a large interior room for the empennage and wings, but with the shipping delays I’m just going to start in the garage. I was going to use the interior room for climate control purposes but could only do the wings and tail in there. Now that I will be starting in January, my garage stays very comfortable in the winter so there is no need to use the interior room.

Work bench completed, just needs some carpet padding.

Build table under construction. It’s a little overbuilt per my usual style.
I purchased the wood to build a 4X8 workbench to add to the other benches I have. I’ll get this done on the weekend.
Some tools and workbenches for my interior work room. I plan to build the empennage and wings inside and then switch to the garage for rest.
First row of insulation for my garage door. I also added attic insulation above the garage to help keep the garage comfortable in the summer. I have a portable A/C unit to assist. I have yet to try it out yet but should keep the humidity down a bit and several degrees cooler than normal.