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Paint Booth/Priming

So I have gone back and forth on the alodine/bonderite process for my parts and or priming since wanting to build an aircraft. I actually purchased everything needed to do alodine on at least the smaller parts. I don’t have the space to build huge vats to do the skins so I’m just going to prime the skins with AKZO two part epoxy primer (much recommended by the Vans Air Force forum for the interior). I live in Florida and have spent my life watching things corrode and want to be overly protective of my aircraft. I know this adds some hours and weight to my build but I’m good with that. As I continue to wait on my kit to arrive, I went ahead and setup the paint booth. At my wife’s excellent idea, I purchased a cheap ($50) greenhouse on Amazon. Since it’s a metal frame built like an erector set, I can pick it up easily and set it up outside if I want to get it out of the way or to do outdoor painting if the weather is nice. I’ve got a box fan to exhaust the fumes and I will be wearing a Hobby Air system I found used on EBay for cheap ($100) that someone previously used to prime his plane. It uses forced air from a remote mounted compressor instead of filters. We’ll see how it works out.

Small Greenhouse from Amazon repurposed as a small parts priming spray booth. I’ll be cutting a hole for my fan in the back wall for ventilation.
Interior of the Greenhouse/Spray Booth with nice racks for small parts.
This a new and much cleaner version of the Hobby Air system I purchased used on EBay.

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